Women and Girls Canoe Expeditions

Canoeing for Women and Girls

In 2021 we are wanting to offer canoeing especially for women and girls of any age and any or no experience. We are passionate about the outdoors the benefits for mental health and self esteem and just the pure fun it is being in the outdoors

Why just women and girls?

Our experience has been that girls and women often feel freer and are able to develop their skills and confidence when its just other women around. We want to provide a supportive environment at all levels, so for those who have never canoed, are may be alittle worried by the water and not so confident swimming we want to give you the chance to grow in confidence and skill. Proceeding may be from a mornings paddle, to a day trip to even over night expedition. For women who have had some experience but want to develop their skills both on and off the water we are able to provide coaching and the British Canoeing performance awards. We love doing journeys by canoe and are keen to pass those skills on to others so that they have the confidence to choose a river, organise a campsite or accommodation ( it could be BB or hotels) or to light a campfire or use a kelly kettle.

What we offer.

  1. Half day taster sessions

Based on the beautiful Kingfisher lakes near to Lode you can experience what it feels like to , put on a buoyancy aid, get in to a canoe and discover just how stable they are, and then learn how easy it is to make the boat go forward, backwards or round in cirles. There is no need to get wet if you don’t want to, but the kingfisher lakes are great for swimming in to

  • Full day Paddles

Depending on your experience these can be  along the great Ouse and can include a pub lunch at Five Miles are Nowhere or you can join us on a more remote journey along the Little Ouse, Wissey or Cam Rivers. We provide all the equipment, will give you a briefing before hand so that you come wearing the most comfortable clothing and we will accompany you, providing insights in to the history and wild life of the river. We will also teach you how to use a kelly kettle to make hot chocolate or soup

  • Multi day expeditions

We specialise in multi day expeditions from 2 to 5 days. We offer these in East Anglia, Wales, Scotland or Sweden. We will provide you with all your canoe equipment including water proof barrels for your equipment. We can also provide tents, mats stoves etc for a minimal extra charge. We will arrange your campsites and support you in both your paddling, packing and campcraft skills. But this is your expedition and we want to give you the opportunity to develop the skills your self.

Due to Corona Virus dates are very flexilbe, but if your interested do get in touch! We are keen to draw together women and girls who want to learn to canoe and go on ad

Dates: Due to Cornia Virus these are provisiona

1) Cam Rivers:Camping and multi day trips 

2) Weekends May and June

3) Scotland August 

Please get in touch if you would like to join us on any of these expeditions. Costs range but are about £80 per person per day for a guided expedition including all canoe equipment 

Contact us at :


01223 811132