Expeditions and Covid 19

Risk Benefit Assessment given current COVID 19 restrictions

We have considered the current UK Government and British Canoe Union Covid 19 guidance and feel that potential infection risks can now be suitably managed to allow canoe expeditions to take place once camping is allowed.   All JoyofAdventure canoe groups will be supervised/trained by experienced and qualified instructors who are first aid trained and have under taken specific Covid 19 awareness training. The basis of our risk management policy is the use of highly qualified and experienced staff informed by the latest guidance from the appropriate bodies.  

It should be emphasised that the guidance indicates that the health risks to the young people taking part in the expeditions are very low. Higher risk groups being the supervising staff and persons in contact with students following the expedition.  The key elements of a low risk expedition are maintaining appropriate social distancing and applying good hygiene practices.  It is for this reason that participants will be as self sufficient as possible (e.g. individual tents, stoves, food etc) and expected to be rigorous with their hand washing etc.  

We are happy that, based on the current guidance and with the ‘buy in’ of the participants, expeditions can be run at an acceptable risk level whilst still offering the young people many of the benefits listed above. Infection risks cannot, however, be completely eliminated and for those not wishing to take part in the expeditions this year, the option is there to defer to next year.

 Understanding of the Covid 19 virus 
1) Covid 19 is a respiratory virus which is spread by droplet infections from the lungs
2) Covid 19 can be inhaled or absorbed through the mucus membranes (mouth, nose, eyes)
3) Covid 19 on the hands is killed most effectively by good hand washing and limiting hand to face/mouth transmission
5) The risk of catching Covid 19 is reduced if a distance of at least 2m is maintained between persons and a face covering is used when this is not possible
  Covid  19 Expedition implications 
1) Pupils need to have a Lateral Flow test 48hrs and on the day they start their expedition and if postive not attend
2) Students to only come on expedition if they and their household have been Covid free for at least 14days
3) Students to camp at least 1 m  plus apart from others in their group
4) Students to bring their own suncream, first aid etc so that they can self-medicate
5) Capsizing is a very low risk but students will be trained to self rescue in pairs whist maintaining social distance as far as possible
6) Students will have numbered individual buoyancy aid, paddle and barrels
7) Students will bring individual tents, stoves, food, soap, hand gel, plastic tub for washing
8) Toileting: students will be given a clear procedure on how to disinfectant appropriately
9) Students will need to bring their own laminated maps
17) Students will need to bring large opening water bottles as these are easier to fill
 Individual participants on expedition MUST bring:  
1) Soap in a labelled container
2) Labelled hand gel (at least 70% alcohol content)
3) Face mask: 1 per day of expedition
4) Personal tent and camping and cooking equipment
5) Plastic tub/washing up bowl suitable for washing in
6) 2 x large mouthed water containers at least 2 litres in size
7) Laminated Map and permanent  marker pen