DofE Kit List

Packing the right kit is essential for a successful expedition!

When ever we see useful pieces of equipment on sale either on line or in shops we post photos on our facebook feed. So do check out the latest things we have found.

Cotton is a killer, once it is wet it is loses its thermal capacity and so no longer keeps you warm. It also absorbs water and so feels heavy and takes along time to dry. Therefore having non cotton clothing for all expeditions is essential. These fleese leggings are great for both day and night time wear! They will keep you warm and will dry quickly if they get wet and even better will keep you warm even if they are wet!


We are really keen to reduce plastic as much a possible. So having a reusable water bottle is crucial. Two are useful as you will need to fill up your water bottle at the campsite and having 2 will mean less journeys back to the tap!


Download the kit list for walking here.

Download the kit list of canoeing here.