Open Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Canoe Expeditions

Due to Corona Virus we can not host meetings in schools and colleges, but will be hosting regular Zoom meetings. We have recorded the last one so that you can take part in this by clicking on the button below.

Anyone who is still under 23 ½ can registrar for the Gold DofE award. You need to finish by your 25th birthday. It is possible to do your Gold DofE award expedition training and practice and gain the Countryside leaders award.

The Gold DofE Award is an internationally recognised award and is consider valuable by employers who understand that anyone who has completed it has developed considerable skills in team work, communication and problem solving.

There are 5 sections to the Gold DofE award:

  1. Skill section
  2. Physical section
  3. Volunteering Section
  4. Expedition Section
  5. Residential section

Open DofE Expedition Canoeing  Covid 19 implications

We have worked with industry bodies and British canoeing to be able to offer socailly distanced expeditions.  There is more information under our DofE documents tab.

We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold Canoeing expeditions both training, practice and assessment.

Open Gold training for all those doing their Canoeing expeditions with JoyofAdventure take place over a weekend in Cambridgeshire. Over this weekend we cover all the expedition training framework, there are no regular weekly meetings.For those who miss this date we can arrange your landbased training directly before your practice expedition. Dates for all expeditions  are on in the right hand side panal

Open DofE Expedition Canoeing 

Canoeing expeditions take place on the River Ouse, the Norfolk Broads, River Spey, River Severn and Sweden. These are all areas of outstanding natural beauty and give participants the opportunity to explore new waterways, visit new places and enjoy camping in the silence and beauty of nature. Campsites are all next to the river and a number allow you to have log fires so that you are able to learn how to make damper bread and toast marshmallows.

This is a link to a zoom meeting describing the different options:

Gold Open DofE Canoe Practice expedition:
Specific canoe training will take place either at Lode Fen Lakes  or at the practice expeditions location. This is l then be followed by the 2 day 2 nights  practice expedition either on ther Little Ouse River from Hockwold or on the River Severn from Monford Bridge near Shrewsbury.

Gold Open DofE Canoe Assessed Expedition:
The assessed expedition will either take place on the 3 Cambridgeshire/Norfolk River, Mid Wales on the river Severn, River Spey or Great Glen in Scotland or  Sweden in 2021

If these dates  in the right hand panel don’t suit you or you have a group wishing to have other dates please do email as we can always organised other expedition dates.

Please email for information.


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The button below will give you a link to a zoom meeting where we decribed the different expedition options