Open Canoe Expeditions

Open Canoe  Journeys give people the opportunity to explore the rivers by canoe and enjoy seeing wild life at water level.  The journey are either one day or multi day camping journeys. They can be guided and fully catered or you can guide your self with us giving you vehicle support, maps and advice. Atlernatlty if you would like to gain skills and paddle sports qualifications these joureys can be part of your training and lead to the BCU paddle sports leaders award

One Day Journeys

  1.  River Cam through Cambridge. The journey starts in Granchester where you paddle through water meadows and then past  the medieval colleges before having  and picnic on the banks of the Cam
  2. River Ouse near Huntingdon. A beautiful river with an abundance of wildlife.

Over night  day journeys

  1. Little Ouse River/Great Ouse and Wissey from Brandon to Brandon Stoke ferry, Camping at various riverside campsite.Can be 1 2 or 3 nights
  2. River Severn along the Welsh border, There is the opportunity here for 1, 2, 3 over nights depending on how much time you have and how far you wish to paddle
  3. River Wye a classic canoeing river with the opportunity to do multi day trips.
  4. River Spey, the classic Scottish river trip which takes you from the highlands to the sea over 3 or 4 days.
  5. Great Glen, a river and loch journey from the West Coast to East Coast of Scotland over 4 to 5 days
  6. Sweden: River and lake system around the Harken. A 5 or 6 day expedition in the glorious Swedish countryside

Canoe Kit List

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Email if you would be interested in any of these options

Joy Martin is an excellent tutor who explained thing at every ones level and happily went over thing again if required