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  • Outdoor First Aid Courses bandaging
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We run First Aid Courses  for any one who works or plays in the outdoors. All our Outdoor First Aid Courses are accredited by ITC and are OFQUAL regulated.Tutors on all the courses are keen practitioners who work in the Outdoors and so bring their own practical experience of first aid to each course.Courses are all very practical and active leading to a 3 year first aid qualification. We also offer a FREE annual refresher to any one who has completed an Applied First Aid course.  Teaching of all aspects of First Aid is not taught in isolation but related to the situations where you might be called on to use the skills.

Further details about the following courses are on the Applied Fist Aid website and these links will take you to that website.

Joy Martin who is the director and founder of Applied First Aid  is a qualified teacher who has been involved with First Aid for the last 30 years in a variety of situations. She has worked in school, on the sports field, in outdoor education as well as in offices and so has a wide breath of knowledge of the needs of first aiders. She is keen that all courses are appropriate to the needs and situation of those involved and therefore works with groups to develop appropriate professional high quality training.


Well delivered and enjoyable. I would like to see this compulsory for all secondary school pupils.

Teacher:Parkside Federation
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